Welcome To The Project Page

Getmaps is a tool used to fetch (game) maps from a server using a maplist built and updated by the server administrator. It was originally a brainchild of Niklas Lindblad to be used by Clan LugRadio to keep the Enemy Territory regulars' map collections up to date.

What It Is Useful For

For the time being this utility is not very useful unless you intend to play with Clan LugRadio.

If you intend to do that then getmaps is probably a good choice since it helps you fetch the maps before the actual game takes place (usually your game client has to stop between the map loads to fetch the next map if you don't already have it - that means you lose quite some game time).

Supported Operating Systems

Since the script was recently ported from traditional UNIX-shell (Bash accent) to the more portable Python programming language. It will now run fine on all operating systems that has an Enemy Territory binary available for it.

Thanks to Dean Sas the latest version (revision 13) contains code to automatically detect if the program is running on Windows, if so it changes the variable that points at the etmain directory. This means that people using Windows simply need to get the Windows version of Python and run it.

Start Using It

If you're after the latest stable release of getmaps (recommended) then you should check out this project's filelist at Sourceforge

Another option is to check out our SVN (subversion) repository. Although keep in mind that using the same version as the developer(s) means that the code might be far from stable.